As we do every year, Chemship’s commercial staff will be attending the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) annual meeting. This year the EPCA will be held in Vienna, 25 – 28 September. The EPCA is a quality network in Europe for the global chemical business community. Their members, consisting of chemical producers and their suppliers, customers, and service providers, turn to the EPCA for reliable and up-to-date information, forward thinking, and a professional platform to stimulate new approaches and ideas. Also, during this year’s meeting Chemship will be available to advise you on our business concept, what service we provide and to inform about our short and long term strategies including those on ESG and CO2 reduction. But meanwhile we are also keen to listen to our customers and suppliers and learn from their views of the global chemical business.

For more information, check their website:  .

Wilfred Boverhof, Chemship’s Commercial Director is your point of contact to arrange an appointment during this year’s meeting in Vienna. But you can also contact Ton Ackermans, Roy van Oudheusden and Paul Feaver who all are happy to talk about our services and trade lanes. You can either contact Wilfred and his team through the EPCA or contact him directly ( at Chemship BV.

Hope to see you in Vienna and wishing you all a good productive conference!

Niels Grotz
Mobile number          :  0031-631 795 992
E-mail                           :
Wilfred Boverhof
Mobile number          :  0031-611 886 330
E-mail                           :
Roy van Oudheusden
Mobile number          : 0031-615 588 612
E-mail                           :
Paul Feaver
Mobile number          : 0031-653 428 278
E-mail                           :
Ton Ackermans
Mobile number           : 0031-623 695 778
E-mail                            :

They will be looking forward meeting you again.


Chemical Ranger Japan

Springbreak 2023 was going to be a special one. Our latest new building the Chemical Ranger was to be delivered to Chemship from the Kitanihonshipyard. It was an honor to be asked to witness the ceremony and to have my wife present as “Godmother”.

Since it was springbreak we could even bring our little girls, for this wonderful, once in a lifetime experience! After a long journey we arrived in the North of the main island of Japan ( Honshu ) at Hanchinohe port.

A wonderful diner was organized by our hosts, accompanied by a local traditional dance performance. Next morning it was a beautiful sunny day, snow was melting away rapidly. Perfect conditions to start the maiden voyage of the Chemical Ranger. We went to the shipyard where the Christening, blessings and traditional Hindu- and Japanese Shinto-ceremonies were being performed. Thereafter a tour on the ship and waving her goodbye in the sun with the beautiful ribbons attached to the ship, all held by the spectators to wish her well, smooth sailings and calm seas!

It was time again for a lovely lunch with some breaks to celebrate, the sailing of our latest new building vessel and to express our thanks to the builders, the banks, the brokers and owners involved, for the fruitful cooperation, which is now ongoing for so many years. As per good Japanese habit with presents for everyone! We felt so lucky and we still had 5 days left to get back to Tokyo and do some sightseeing in this wonderful country. Spring was coming, the blossoms where opening and one very lucky, happy family was there to celebrate it all!

A very big and special thanks to Chemship for making this all possible, on behalf of the Marelis family!

Michiel Marelis
Operations Director

After the departure in Japan, the Chemical Ranger came on her maiden voyage to Europe. When she called the port of Antwerp, Chemship visited the vessel with her crew and spoke to the captain and chief engineer about their experiences with the new vessel during her maiden voyage.

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VentoFoils update

On the 3rd of August it was time for another visit to the Econowind workshop in Zeewolde. We are progressing very well and are reaching the final stages of the project. The foundation is pretty much approved and we are finetuning the design up to the latest demands issued by class Nk.

Some challenges related to the sightlines from the bridge and the blind sectors of the radars we managed to overcome and suggest alternative solutions which got accepted by class. Chartering department is aware of our scheduling demands, in order to arrive in Turkey in the beginning of December to mount the foundation to the deck. Then the Chemical Challenger will come back to ARA to fit on the Ventofoils. Despite the various announcements of our competitors, claiming they will be the first to install sails on a chemical tanker. We believe we will beat them with the actual installation, since they seem to just have signed the purchase order. We very much look forward to it and we are reaching the final stages. Now its time to start working on the decorations. They will be Gadot green with the Chemship logo displayed.

Counting down the days..

Michiel Marelis
Operations Director

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Chemship’s Summer party in Houston

The famous words “Houston we got a problem” were definitely not applicable and were replaced by “Houston we have a party!!”, The Chemship Summer party of 2023. It is always such a great pleasure to be welcomed in Houston, with its great hospitality. Team Chemship was able to create this feeling of hospitality with the help of Rene of TMA and his crew, who was so kind to make his warehouse the place of the party venue. Although a warehouse might not be your first idea of a party venue, however the combination of industrial gimmicks, the great food, the various drinks, a country band and of course a lovely crowd, made the place buzzing from joy. Besides the fact that it is great to meet so many of our American friends, the party was also used to update our American Stakeholders about all the sustainability efforts we are currently involved in. All these efforts, visible and invisible, big and small, will lead to a more sustainable shipping industry. The highlight of innovative efforts will be the installation of the “sails” onboard of MT Chemical Challenger.

It will not come as a surprise that the summer party was also the podium to launch the new slogan “Setting Sail Toward Sustainable Shipping” and with this new slogan everybody was invited to embark on a journey towards a sustainable chemical (shipping) industry. In 1969, both Amsterdam as well as Houston had a primeur, in Amsterdam Chemship was started and in Houston the Apollo project was (literally) launched. Now 55 years later another joined scoop will take place when the first Chemical Tanker with sails, will enter the port of Houston and will be the next step in a sustainable shipping industry.

It was great to see you all again and thanks for your kind attendance. Once again, also a great thanks to Esther Auee (Chemship) and Rene Daigre (TMA) who have been organizing this outstanding party.

Wilfred Boverhof
Commercial Director


Giorgos Stratigakis

My name is Giorgos Stratigakis, I’m 24 years old and I come from Argos, a small city in Peloponnesos Greece. After finishing my studies in Economics and completing my service in the army, I made the big decision to move to Netherlands and begin my professional career in the shipping industry here. So here I am living in Rotterdam with my big brother Nikos.

I joined Chemship on the 1st of February as a Marine Service and Operations assistant ready to learn new and interesting things, face new challenges and to evolve in the shipping industry which fascinates me so much.  Here I must say that during the first days I was a little bit stressed about my new job but having these colleagues by my side willing to help me and make me feel comfortable at any moment this stress belongs to the past. In these five months I work for Chemship I have realized how demanding and at the same time how thrilling is to work in the shipping industry. As getting involved more and more in Operations department, every day I learn new interesting things that will help me to reach my first goal in Chemship which is to be able to fully operate a vessel on my own.

Something that I really like is the very pleasant and family environment that I see every day at the office, which makes me love more and more my job. So far, one moment that stands out is my very first visit at a chemical tanker the Chemical Challenger, which was very exciting.

In my spare time, I love cycling through the city of Rotterdam and exploring new places. Also, I like going to the gym, playing football with friends and if the weather permits going for barbecue in these beautiful parks that Rotterdam has. Working for Chemship has been, so far, very exciting and with the guidance of Chemship’s professionals and my desire and the energy I have for working and learning new things, my wish is to evolve first as a shipping professional and furthermore as a person, and to be able to contribute to success of Chemship and help to achieve the future ambitions.

 Best regards,

 Giorgos Stratigakis

Marine Service and Operations assistant

Finn Visser

Good day everyone,

My name is Finn Visser. I am 23 years old and probably not totally unknown for the some of you due to the fact that I accomplished my first internship at Chemship 2 years ago.

After the internship I worked parttime at the marine service department.

I will start from the beginning, the Shipping and TransportaHon College, where I obtained a degree in Manager Harbour LogisHcs (MBO4). I decided to continue studying at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, where I graduated for associate degree Management and Logistics 2 years later.

During this degree I followed my second internship at Vertom Tanker Chartering. After my graduation Vertom offered me a full-time job.

After a short but educational period I got the opportunity to work with Wilfred, Paul, Roy and ton, and decided to jump at the chance.

Besides work I love to go on vacation and mainly read and eat. After a few weeks of going out for dinner you need to burn calories and therefore I play tennis. I am playing in the Friday evening competition together with my colleague Inge Ladage. The competition is not too serious, it is all about the sociability afterwards.

I just started working as a broker for seagoing vessels so the upcoming period will be very challenging and educational but luckily Chemship has a highly experienced team!

Please contact me on below mentioned telephone number if you would like to introduce yourself or get to know me a bit better:

+316 21453529

 Best Regards

Finn Visser 

Junior Charterer



Marketing Event Gadot

1st Annual Marketing Forum Gadot Group This year was the first time that Gadot Group organized the Annual Marketing Forum. Niels Grotz, Wilfred Boverhof and Esther Auée from Chemship joined this event and off course the colleagues from Gadot Israel, Gadot Germany and Gadot Belgium. It was an unforgettable event held in Rotterdam, which brought us together as a dynamic team. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. Meeting everyone face to face after months of virtual collaboration was an absolute joy. The forum provided us with the invaluable opportunity to strengthen our professional relationships and develop our understanding of each other’s unique skills and perspectives.

The workshop sessions were engaging and stimulating, allowing us to explore into various marketing strategies, trends, and best practices. The group activity fostered teamwork, creativity, and innovative thinking, generating an interaction that will undoubtedly push our future activities forward.

Esther Auée
Management Assistant


Japanese tonnage provider Hanada san visiting the Chemship office

Kowa Kaiun’s president Hanada san who is the owner of the Chemical Traveller, Chemical Ranger and Chemical Frontier visited the Chemship office together with a small delegation of Japanese ship owners. Kowa Kaiun’s partnership dates back to 1998 when Chemship’s very first Japanese Chemical Tanker was supplied by the Suzuki family.

Taking in account the good business relation and the fact that we are far away from each other we hosted a small welcoming party with our Commercial, Operational and Technical staff. Guest of honor where the three godmothers, Stella Doctors of the Chemical Ranger, Nicole Wevers – Auée of the Chemical Frontier and Esther Auée of the Chemical Traveller. The three godmothers presented Hanada san with a small silver sailing vessel sealing the good relations we have with Kowa Kaiun and it’s employees.

Niels Grotz


BBQ Chemship staff

Traditional at the end of the summer, the crew of Chemship get together with
their partners and kids to enjoy each other’s company at our yearly BBQ
summer event.

Niels and Vicky are so hospitable to organize this event annually in their garden.

We started a couple of years ago with a small group of people, but we are growing with all newborns and the new team members in the Chemship family.

We invited some special guests this year. Opher Linchevski (CEO of the GADOT Group) and his children came from Israel and Wim de Windt (CEO of GADOT Belgium) and his wife joined our family event.

All the kids, even the big ones loved to make fun with each other. And the small ones had a lot of fun at the bouncy dinosaur!

The food prepared by the “Barbecue Meneer” was very good. There was a great variety of nice dishes with meat, fish and vegetables and a special menu for the littles ones.

Now we are looking forward to our next event: Christmas!

Esther Auée
Management Assistant


Chemship event: Harlingen – Terschelling Race 2023

On the 1st and 2nd of June, a Chemship Team participated with the 75  edition of the Harlingen Terschelling sailing race. A motivated team of 14 people joined this two-day sailing race from the Port of Harlingen to Terschelling. The team consisted of people from Chemship, ABN AMRO Bank, NIBC Bank, KVNR, Zuyderzee Capital and Econowind. A well selected and diversified team with the right balance between experienced sailors and ‘Junior sailors’ was ready for the challenge.

After a fruitful introduction dinner and party in the Port of Harlingen the night before, Thursday morning it was time to meet with the professional sailors of Rederij Belle, leaded by Sasha Emmerich. They welcomed us on ‘De Grote Jager’ (Dutch flag, ENI 2325375), a beautiful sailing boat that would be a vital part to a successful race. A day with favorable winds, good collaboration and tough competition followed and we managed to win the race! After arriving as first in our class in Terschelling, we sailed to the jachthaven in Vlieland to enjoy a drink to celebrate the glorious victory. After the celebration drinks the ‘Vliehors Expres’ brought us to our hotel, te prepare for a nice dinner and an evening with live music.

On Friday, after a proper recovery breakfast, we sailed from Vlieland to Harlingen, together with the three other participating sailing boats. On this second day there was more sun, but less wind. Driven by the victory feeling on the evening after winning day 1, Niels challenged the other teams to also include the return trip to Harlingen in the race. Though admittedly enjoying the nice sun, unfortunately we did not manage to win this second racing day and arrived as third out of four back in Harlingen. Nevertheless, we enjoyed this two day event, with a nice group of people and some surprisingly good sailors.

Thijs Vlaanderen


In November 2022 I was in Japan as Godmother of the MT Chemical Frontier, June 2023 was the first time she was in The Netherlands, so together with Laura and Valerio I visited the ship. I brought a nice cake with a print of the vessel for the crew. We had a nice chat with the captain and thereafter we went to the messroom where I immediately got a smile on my face because there on the wall was the picture which was made in Japan after the naming ceremony.

A couple of pictures were taken with the crew and after that we had lunch. It was delicious, they prepared some nice dishes like Biryani, fried chicken and fish. We enjoyed it, although they actually wanted some more preparation time so that they could have prepared even more dishes for us!

Nicole Wevers-Auée


Chemship: Dutch Grand Prix weekend

One of the National holidays in the Netherlands is Kingsday; A day when Holland turns completely orange. A “Little Kingsday” was celebrated on the 27st of August when the Dutch Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grandprix in Zandvoort for the 3rd time in a row. Although Formula 1 is not always associated with family outings or bonding with colleagues, Chemship took the opportunity to change that idea. During the various days of the weekend, members of Team Chemship were invited to go to the grandstands of the Zandvoort Circuit to join the race.

I can hear you think: Does that fit in the Sustainability agenda of Chemship? It sure fits in the ESG principles Chemship has adopted, in which the word “Social” plays an important role. And although the Formula One in itself is working hard to become more and more sustainable, we all arrived to the circuit on a typical Dutch way of transportation: The Bike! (oh yes, it was an electrical). On Friday, the gods of Sun were with us the whole day, but on Saturday and Sunday the Rain Gods have been quite active. This however only added to the great atmosphere and the excitement on the track. One of the greatest memories I have of this weekend, is the great smile on my sons’ face, while wearing his Max Verstappen cap, which was a thoughtful gift from Chemship.

On Sunday, on the main event, the race itself, a number of industry partners were invited to take a glimpse at the fast world of the Formula One as well. As said, the weather gods decide to test our resilience against the rain showers, but as any F1/Motorsport enthusiast knows, rain only adds to the excitement of the race. Covered in raincoats and wearing raincaps, our group embraced the great atmosphere on the grandstand and helped us to overcome the wet conditions.

Looking back at this remarkable weekend, I can only say that it was much more than high-speed thrills. It was a weekend full of appreciation, bonding and celebration.

Chemship thank you very much,

Yorick and Will Boverhof

Wilfred Boverhof
Commercial Director


Setting sail toward sustainable shipping


The world around is constantly changing with loads of challenges, but also opportunities. While going through these changes, it is essential that we adapt and adjust our efforts to ensure a sustainable future for all.

With this in mind, Team Chemship is proud to announce the new company slogan. The new slogan “Setting Sail Towards Sustainable Shipping” shows our commitment to sustainability but is also a constant reminder for ourselves of the responsibility we have, not only as Chemship but as part of an industry.

It is commonly known that sustainability is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. Therefor we at Team Chemship, like to invite you for a prosperous journey together by “Setting Sail Toward Sustainable Shipping”