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Christmas spirit at Chemship

Traditional the crew of Chemship team up together before Christmas to enjoy each other’s company. This year we choose the old Roman town of Maastricht to have our Christmas celebration.

Maastricht situated in the deep south of Netherlands is a multicultural beautiful city with influences from neighbouring countries, some people say it is a non-dutch town. The romans had their armies already at this strategic place next to the river Maas and Jeker but later Maastricht was the home to many foreign garrisons and therefor was influenced by various cultures.
Our day in Maastricht started with the most popular food in the province of Limburg and that is coffee with a traditional “vlaai”, the “vlaai” is made of dough and a filling of fruit such as cherry, apricot, strawberry or plum.

After our lunch we teamed up with two local guides who took us on a beautiful but cold tour around old part of the city. We learned about the old city walls and how Maastricht became a centre for trade and manufacturing principally of wool and leather industry in the middle aged. We visited some of the old watermills which gave Maastricht prosperity and later turned in steam powered engines which took Maastricht into the Industrial Revolution. The production of ceramics was one of the most important industries and shaped the new city over many years. It was a great tour but due to the below zero temperatures we were glad that we ended up in a nice warm brewery and again we learned lots about the beer history of Maastricht. How it became well known but due to a takeover totally disappeared. Some years ago, a few beer enthusiasts started in the cellars of the old brewery a microbrewery called the “Stads Brouwerij Maastricht”. After the tour through the brewery, we were rewarded with some very nice glasses of their best beers which set the tone for the rest of the day.

Our evening programme started with a visit to “Thiessen Wijnkopers” where we enjoyed tasting some of their most favourite wines and visiting the fully stocked wine cellars. Dinner was served in one of the old wine cellars some 10 meters under the ground so unfortunately or fortunately no mobile phone reception.
Two lovely ladies singing, and a great pianist completed the ambiance and the Christmas party was well on the way. After dinner the band changed their tune upward and soon the dancefloor was filled with avid party goers. As usual with a Christmas party where you have fun being together it lasted until the dark hours of the night. Team Chemship enjoyed the Christmas celebration and wishes everybody a wonderful time over the season holidays.

Econowind Ventifoils:

Sustainability, will change the nature of shipping forever. The shipping industry, for a long time known for its conservativeness, is changing drastically. It’s a challenging time and we are proud to be in such a comfortable position, towards the emission caps, just because of our early work. For many years we’ve been preparing ourselves for what’s coming towards us. We decided to focus and invest in efficient engines while approaching the Sulphur cap in 2020. Therefore we’ve been very much focused on renewing our fleet. Newer vessels with more efficient engines. In February, once the latest delivery will be added to our fleet, the average age of our fleet will be about 6,5 years. Chemship will be superseding the international emission goals.

Nevertheless, we want to keep moving forward towards a carbon neutral future.
Bypassing all discussions about future fuels, we came to the conclusion that there’s no argument against wind. Wind brought us a lot of fortune in the past, perhaps its time to benefit from this again. So we signed a contract with Econowind at their factory in Zeewolde. Our Chemical Challenger will be equipped with Ventifoils, or sails how we like to call them in our office. The patent for the design was kept by Jacques Cousteau, the famous marine documentary maker from the 80’s. The effect of the wind on these Aero plane winglike sails is increased due to manipulation of the airflow by means of a ventilator at the rear end. This causes the effect to be about 5 times stronger that the actual size of the wings would accomplish. Resulting in considerable fuel savings and/ or an increased speed. For sure we’ll see a reduction of the CO2 emission. Eventually we hope to present our carbon neutral vessel. Till then we’ll keep making small steps towards our end goal. Next time we’ll discuss our Nano tech based lube oil project.

Michiel Marelis
Operations Director

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When Niels asked me if I wanted to be the Godmother of the M/T Chemical Frontier I was speechless, what an honor, of course I wanted to do that.

First days in Japan we had some time for sightseeing, we started our trip in Kyoto where we visited the Fushimi Inari Shire, the Kinkakuji (Golden Temple) of course we went to the Nishiki Market to have some real Japanese food.
The next day we went by Shinkansen (bullet train) to train Tokyo and went to the top of the Tokyo Tower where we had the most beautiful view over the city and Mount Fuji.

Sundaymorning we left Tokyo and went by the Shinkansen to Hachinoe (north of Japan) where the shipyard is. After arriving in Hachinoe we had a tour of the shipyard and could even board the M/T Chemical Frontier (which at that moment was still vessel no. 687).

After the tour we went by bus to a local fish market where we could spent some time to look around and do some shopping, we went to the hotel to relax and prepare for the Naming Ceremony Pre-Party. We enjoyed a real Japanese diner with Japanese music and geisha’s. After the diner there was an after party with…..Karaoke, for which I was a bit nervous. But together with Minami-San I sang my first karaoke song ever and it wasn’t the last one of that evening….

In the morning we went to the shipyard for the Naming Ceremony, fortunately I had already heard a bit of what was going to happen from my sister Esther (she is the Godmother of the M/T Chemical Traveller). The Naming Ceremony was very formal, there was a Shinto priest who did the offering, the national anthem of The Netherlands and Japan were played and then it was my turn to give the vessels her name. The rope cutting was the task of Mr. Koji Oda, and I think we both did a great job.

We finished these days with a celebration party had a Chinese lunch, opened a sake barrel and have received beautiful gifts.

It was an honor to experience this and I am proud to be the Godmother of the M/T Chemical Frontier! Japan has really enchanted our hearts and we are thankful for all the people we have met. And hopefully in the future we can go back to this beautiful country with his friendly people.

Nicole Wevers-Auée

The Chemical Frontier leaving for her maiden voyage.

We wish ship and crew a safe voyage


Fernando Ruitenbeek

My name is Fernando Ruitenbeek, I joined Chemship in September 2022 as an Operator. Before I started at Chemship I was working as a cargo surveyor for four years in liquid and dry bulk. Via Transoil I worked multiple times on the tankers of Chemship as a surveyor. With my experience as surveyor in different European ports, I hope to add value to the team. 

I am 28 years old, and I live with my fiance Anouk and our dog Ivy in Rotterdam. We expecting to get the keys of our new build house in Waddinxveen at the end of the year. I am very excited about that.

In my spare time I like to go to the gym, play football, go out for a run and of course I like to spend time with my family and friends.

Fernando Ruitenbeek

David Stolk

Dear Buisiness friends,

I have been employed with Chemship since September 16, as most of the Dutch colleagues have already seen. As a Financial Controller, I will be Koen’s successor.

Fortunately, Koen was able to hand over a big part of the activities and tell me a lot over the past two weeks, many thanks to him!

I am 44 years old, born and raised in Rotterdam, and have been living in Berkel en Rodenrijs (small village just above Rotterdam) for about seven years now. 

I live together with my dear wife Jurgita, we’re married for almost 10 years, and our three children: Liepa (8), Dilan (6) and Anna (2).

After my studies Logistics & Economics I rolled into shipping, the international container shipping. I’ve worked for several shipping lines: MOL, APL and CMA CGM.

My last position was with CCIS (formerly Progeco), a container depot in the Waalhaven Rotterdam and part of the CMA CGM Group.

Approximately 10 years ago I started at the financial department and ever since I have held various financial positions with great pleasure. At the moment I am still studying finance to further develop myself in the field of finance.

Besides doing fun things with my family or having fun with the kids, I like playing football (playing myself but also watching), reading, playing a game of chess, riding my motorcycle or having a nice time with friends or family.

In addition, I am active as a member/volunteer at my footfall club Neptunus-Schiebroek in Rotterdam and at my congregation in the Christian Rehoboth church in Rotterdam, where I attend the services weekly.

I hope to get to know you all better along the way!


Kind regards

David Stolk

Koen Bekkering

With new arrivals also come departures. We are saying goodbye to our financial controller Koen Bekkering who has decided to leave Chemship and take on another challenge elsewhere. Koen joined us in 2018 and during the last 4 years we enjoyed working with him. Apart from Koen being responsible for the day to day accounting he also was responsible for the transition from our old adminstration system to our new system. We remember Koen best for his drive to solve  problems and turn them into new procedures and work flows. We wish him all the best in his new job and hope that from time to time we will see him again to hear how all is going.

In this 12th edition of our E-magazine we highlight our suppliers for the first time. In Chemship we see our suppliers as stakeholders and therefore a vital part of our operation. In our day-to-day operations Chemship uses various service providers who all contribute based on their own expertise to the safe execution of our operation.

We kick off time by looking behind the scenes at Boluda Towage Europe. Boluda Towage can be found in 100 ports around the world, with a fleet of 400 vessels in 18 countries on 3 continents, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Beluda Towage and Chemship work hand in hand to safely bring our vessel alongside terminals in various ports in the world.

We boarded the Texelbank harbor tug in Rotterdam to haul in the Chemical Mariner. And we spoke to commercial manager Gerrit Peekstok and operations manager Arjen de Vries about their services in Rotterdam.

We thank the staff of the Boluda, both on board and in the office, for their cooperation.  Enjoy our report!


Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed offers a temporary ‘second home’ to family members of cancer patients who can therefore be close to their loved ones. Cancer patients who are treated on an outpatient basis at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute can also stay with us. Het Familiehuis is an independent foundation that does not receive government subsidies and is therefore dependent on donors and volunteers.


For more information, check out their website: