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Chemship E-magazine

Edition 11



Chemship invites its staff for a photo competition.

The Chemship fleet of Chemical tanker travel all over the world and visit the most beautiful places on earth. Also the Chemship office staff are frequently seen all over the globe. With this in mind we have drawn up a competition and ask all our colleagues to sent in their best pictures taken from or around our vessels. In the next E-Magazine we will share with you the photo’s which where chosen to be in the top ten and we will announce the winner who will receive a GoPro Hero active cam.

For inspiration see some pictures we have received already from our colleagues on board the Chemical Master.


In accordance with the time we live in, we’re very much involved in digitalization. We aim to increase our performance and efficiency, while at the same time reduce the amount of paper we produce in the office. Traditionally we have a huge amount of double handling of data in shipping.

This is where there’s much to gain, both on board and in the office. For example, stowages we used to produce with a pencil on print paper, showing all vessels cargo tanks and sizes.

Now we have a fancy program for this, which makes it feels like playing a computer game. At the same time its showing all the do’s and don’ts of a particular grade of cargo, considering US coastguard- and temperature-restrictions, making our lives a bit easier.

One of our other initiatives to accomplish this, is our Ship connect program. Shipnet is our program of choice for all our administrative purposes, like freight invoicing and voyage estimations. Last year our finance department also transferred to Shipnet and now by the means of Shipconnect we are taking a lot of manual entries away from the operators. Now we are enabling the masters to upload their bunker consumption, weather reports and cargo timings, directly into the Shipconnect system, This used to be done by means of Excel sheets which were emailed to our office and thereafter manually put in Shipnet. From there on we can also start our demurrage calculations directly in Shipnet Now we are building better data which is better accessible in less time.

Another feature will be discussed in next edition, this will be done together with Vopak. They started the “always on board” application, which is helping the masters a lot to send out their pre-arrival information to the various ports. Also here for each port the captain was forced to copy paste his entire administration into the required format of each port to call. This is something what truly is reducing the workload on board and therefore reducing stress and increasing safety.

Slowly but surely we are moving towards a better more sustainable future.

Author: Michiel Marelis


Last February, the 25th to be exactly we’ve celebrated the keel laying of the latest addition to our fleet. In line with our aim to keep renewing our already young fleet averaging just 7,5 years of age. This nice new sustainable vessel enables us to keep comfortably looking forward to meet our climate goals. We keep pushing our fleets horizon forward and remain compliant to our goals.

Again a new, more efficient and more sustainable design. Obviously tier 3 compliant, so equipped with an Urea system in order to keep the NOx emission low, a very efficient engine to keep the fuel consumption and therefore the emission to a minimum. This vessel will be compliant to well after the 2030 climate goals. When the emission should be well below the 40% as per IMO goals ( considering the 2008 benchmarks) and below 55% as per EU standards. ( considering 1990 levels )

The vessel brings 20 Duplex stainless steel tanks of various sizes and we expect her to be a valuable contribution to our fleet. The good news is that a baby sister is on its way as well.

We have the following due dates penciled in our diaries

New building 1

Launching: 12th May 2022

Delivery: 30th Aug 2022

New building 2

Launching: 8th Aug 2022

Delivery: 30th Nov 2022

We hope to invite you over one day to get to know our little girls.


Suzette Bakelaar

Since the 1st. of February I’m your new Demurrage Analyst at Chemship.
My name is Suzette Bakelaar and I’m 49 years old.
The last 14 years I’ve been working at Stolt Tankers B.V. as a Demurrage Analyst for the department called SNIES. Stolt Tankers B.V. trades chemical parcels in the Europe Area. Their biggest Charterers are Shell, Dow Europe, Dow Silicones, Seariver, Inovyn, Yara UK and many more. Demurrage was not the only part of my day job I was also responsible for the freight invoices, the rebills and checking of the commission invoices. And of course the chasing of the outstanding demurrage claims.

What I like most about working in shipping is that I get to meet new people and continue my relationships with some of you who I got to know through Stolt Nielsen. A photo is shown of me visiting a vessel. I was really in awe of the size of everything and the camaraderie on board.

My challenge within Chemship is to help out with the process of demurrage internally, at the moment we are really working hard on Ship Connect. Looking forward to see this in action! Because it will change the internal processes and make them more efficient.

 Working at Chemship also brought back that family feeling I had with the first company I worked for and I’m really happy about that. Because I feel the best way to do your job is, is to do it together, because everyone is important in that process. In my spare time I like to build websites (with an online builder), meet up with my friends, own several forums, playing around with photoshop, researching my family tree and I also studied for foot reflexology and massage. Love watching movies, tv shows and I’m addicted to cameo. You can also find me at different comic cons, concerts, musicals etc. trying to meet my favorite celebrities. But most of all I love to travel around but esp. the UK and not to forget my most beautiful gift that I ever gotten my little nephew Thijs.

 Best regards,

 Suzette Bakelaar Demurrage Analyst

Artemis He

Hi here, my name is Artemis and I am the chartering analyst at Chemship since December. I am 29 years old and I originally come from Shandong province in China. I have lived in the Netherlands for 3 years so far. My family, including my younger sister, parents & grandma, who are in the photo below, still live in China

During my master in Maritime Economics and Logistics in Erasmus University in the academic year of 2019-2020, I joined Stolt Tankers as an intern in the Project Management Office. After I completed my master, my position in Stolt Tankers changed to the strategy team as a Business Analyst. During this time, I participated in the Voyage and OPEX projects. This served me to understand the tanker business processes on an overview level. But meanwhile, I also recognized the difficulties that come with the application of Digital Transformation in shipping which still is in continuous development. I am very thankful for my colleagues during my projects at the time, as they went beyond their own responsibilities to also support me through it. After half a year, I gained a growing interest for chartering in which I decided to pursuit to become a Chartering Analyst. Now, by joining Chemship, this dream comes true!

As the first non-EU employee in Chemship, I appreciate all the effort that Chemship put into applying for my working visa. Although the work environment still suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Chemship decided to register my seat in office every day. It is an extremely exciting part to randomly meet different colleagues in office. I would like to thank my colleagues for all the assistance and guidance they gave me. I am more than motivated to contribute my values to our lovely team.

In my spare time, I am very much a foodie. My priority is to prepare plenty of food for the upcoming week. My favorite dishes are steamed buns and dumplings, for these I am really famous for among my friends!

 I am a calligraphy lover (hard pen & soft pen), read many novels and poems and I am interested to crochet for which my favorite is to create small bags. I enjoy the deep conversations a lot, I will never feel bored to listen to people’s stories. In order to get more understanding about the society and Dutch environment, I joined the Dutch Chinese Youth Federation. They organized many interesting events such as Chinese language debate competitions via the Confucius institute and the art event “Colorful Yunnan into the Netherlands”, and more. Besides that, I am also a member of Shandong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, I have made many friends there and participated in some business meetings which could create new opportunities between my home city and the Netherlands.

After corona is over, I would like to learn to swim, this is what I hear is the most necessary skill I need to gain when living in the Netherlands 😜.

 Best Regards

Artemis He


Ton Ackermans

Hello, my name is Ton Ackermans and pleased that I am able to introduce myself to you as part of the chartering team of Chemship as Shipbroker. 

 I am a father of two daughters and married to Erica. I have been part of the industry for quite some years in different aspects. When I completed my studies and army duty as a diver I started as a shipping agent mainly handling tankers in port of Rotterdam/Amsterdam and Terneuzen. After a few years an interesting challenge passed by for which I moved abroad and continued on the tanker operations department in my new company. When I got back after some time I started as a competitive broker and later on started on the chartering department of a shipowner/manager all with different shipping expertise. In April this year I started out with Chemship which is a well known player in the chemical market. We control a fleet of sophisticated chemical tankers which we operate on some fixed routes between various areas. My focus today is Black Sea/Med to ARA.  As a hobby I am a goalie in field hockey and member of a gym which I should visit more often. Scuba diving will have to wait until after the todays challenges we are all experiencing.

I am very pleased to work for Chemship and will do my outmost to contribute to the success of Chemship and their future ambitions.

After two years of corona, Chemship is happy to be able to visit the AFPM conference again which is held in San Antonia Texas from Sunday 27th of March until Tuesday the 29th of March. The week prior to the AFPM Wilfred Boverhof and Paul Feaver will be visiting our customers in the Houston aera and available for a coffee and a chat.

For a meeting during the conference you can reach Wilfred Boverhof through the AFPM registration or direct, Wilfred is available for all your questions and can advise you on the latest developments in our company but also about our industry and where it is heading.

Chemship visit the AFPM 2022 conference in San Antonio.

You can reach them phone or e-mail.


Mobile number                :  +31 611 886 330

E-mail                                 :


Mobile number                : +31 653 428 278

E-mail                                 :

They will be looking forward meeting you again.